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  I offer a service for the complete restoration of the Reutter's and Jaeger-LeCoutre Atmos clocks. My repairs have a 3 year warranty, I do not feel the need to offer a longer warranty because a properly repaired Atmos clock should run 15 years or longer between service. The warranty covers my labor not parts, because a bellow that is good today could lose its power in a year or a suspension could break from mishandling. The average price of repair is $450 plus parts and $50 shipping. It is very important to know that parts for the Atmos clock are expensive. The two main parts that go bad are the suspension and the bellows. The current price for the suspension is $75 and the new Jaeger LeCoultre bellows are $400 (our cost). If you would like to send your clock in for an estimate the price is $75 for the estimate and return shipping if the estimate is refused.

We only use genuine Jaeger LeCoultre Parts.






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