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  Frank Herschede was the founder of the Herschede Hall Clock Co. He began working as a watchmaker under Charles Cook in 1873 at the age of 16. In 1877 Mr. Herschede felt he had learned enough to open his own shop. The emphasis of his business was unusual jewelry and horological pieces. In 6 years his business had grown enough to require a larger and better shop. In 1885 he was inspired by the success of Walter H. Durfee in the importing of English tall case clocks. Herschede began by importing Elliot movements with hour and half hour strike, also quarter hour clocks with Westminster on gongs and Whittington on eight bells. Soon he was bringing in only the movements and putting them in the cases that were popular in the US. In 1902 he began to produce his own tubes and install them in Herschede clocks. His son Walter joined the company that year in the case department. That was the same year they incorporated as the Herschede Hall Clock Company. Their reputation grew and the clocks were sought after all over the world. By 1909 the company had decided to make their own movements they called the Crown Hall Clock and that's when the crown trademark was adopted. Electric hall clocks were introduced into the line in 1926. By 1929 their sales had reached an all time high, but by 1932 because of the stock market crash business began to falter. It had many ups and downs during the next 30 years, but the company never really regained it's glory from the early part of the century and in 1967 the business was sold to John Arnold.
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